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Why the Bible. Always under scrutiny & attacked?

Why don’t people spend more time going after some other book?

Certainly the book doesn’t house anyone? Its just text on paper.

The Bible is a good book for dealing just with spiritual matters, right?

And maybe some practical matters of every day life?

What about scientific details? Certainly you can’t look for reliable scientific data and observations in the Bible!

Plus I thought the Bible was never meant to help address the questions of chemists and astrophysicists. The men that wrote in the Bible could not speak in the manner and with the accuracy of modern science and they never meant to of course!

Why did they then?

Why did the writers in the Bible write so confidently addressing every aspect of the world we live in including many of its natural processes and the living creatures of the past and present that surround and affect us.

If the Bible is so controversial or confusing – why doesn’t someone stand up and finally put the case to rest by demonstrating how foolish it is?

That’s already been done many times hasn’t it?

Or has it?